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Welcome to Bluejacket Connections, the first podcast for Cambridge-Isanti Schools!  The purpose of this podcast is:

To provide Cambridge-Isanti Schools’ staff with district updates, to celebrate good news, and to feature educational insights.

Join us and enjoy the Bluejacket Connections podcast!

The podcast is broken into three segments: 

  • Bluejacket Update: News, Happenings & Announcements
  • Main Content
  • Final Thoughts & Comments

 I do hope you enjoy the podcast!




Dr. Ray Queener

Superintendent of Cambridge-Isanti Schools

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Episode 3 of Bluejacket Connections
  • The thing that, you know, keeps me coming back is when the kids get as excited about learning as I am about teaching. - Jackie Alderman, Minnesota Center ELA/Reading/STEAM Teacher
  • We’re never going to achieve true balance; it’s not mathematically possible to do that. -Jackie Alderman
  • The book goes on to tell me that, it gave me permission, to kind of let go of the things I needed to let go of and to just recognize there is a time you should be doing something, there is a right time for that. It was easier for me to not feel guilty.-Jackie Alderman
  • Having the conscious mind about what you’re doing and being present in the time that you’re there and know when you’re not supposed to be there you don’t have to worry about it. @Queener1
  • To be able to procrastinate on purpose and to put off thinking about my family while I was at work and giving myself permission to do that is okay. It doesn’t make me a bad mom or a bad wife, or a bad person, it just makes me human. It means I am a teacher while I am at work, and I’m a mom while I’m am at home. -Jackie Alderman
  • Knowing that it’s okay and really being in the moment for my students has become super important. -Jackie Alderman
  • I used to have words with friends on my phone which was very fun and I loved it but I felt like every day when I played my turn that I was getting something done, which was silly because I didn’t need to do that. And that was priority dilution at its finest. I was completing a task that delivered no real results. -Jackie Alderman
  • Even those these are written for a sales folks, they’re written from a business frame, there is a lot that we can apply to education. @Queener1
  • I tend to be a bit of a control freak and so I like to do things myself because then I know they’re done the way I want them done. But, I’ve found that if I can let go of some of that, the results really are, they’re fine. And, if they’re not, it takes a second to fix them and most of the ground work it done. -Jackie Alderman
  • You need to make time to read this book because it’s going to make a huge difference in your life in finding time to do the things that give you what you want. -Jackie Alderman
  • How many times have you scrolled through Facebook and felt worse than better? A lot. -Jackie Alderman
  • I want to feel motivated and excited about what great things can I do today for myself, my family and my students and I’m starting my day with the word stupid, where am I going to end up in the day? Not where I want to be. -Jackie Alderman
  • How you feel about things really does make a difference. -Jackie Alderman
  • You start with a positive attitude the chances of having a good day are much stronger @Queener1
  • Sacrifice comes first. You really have to work hard today for an easier life tomorrow. -Jackie Alderman
  • Procrastinate on purpose is all about figuring out what you should be focusing on and procrastinating on the rest of it. Taking the stairs is all about taking action on those things that you have decided is worthy of your time. -Jackie Alderman
  • I think every day is different, every day is challenging for sure, but every day is fun too and when they kids smiling and happy and learning and in a safe place, that’s super rewarding, that’s why I do what I do. -Jackie Alderman