January 20
Isanti Primary School


Once a month our second grade students participate in Theme Day.  On Theme Day each 2nd grade teacher teaches a different subject area involving our theme.  This month our theme was “Winter.”  Students rotated in 30 minute sessions to each 2nd grade class.  Some of our activities today included kids working with money with Mrs. Solberg, creating “Playful Penguins” textured art scenes with Mrs. Lundeen, using a recipe to create edible snowmen with Mrs. Silver, improving reading skills with a game of “Winter Feud” with Mrs. Bednar, raising their heart rates while learning a lesson on following directions with Mr. Hjeltman, and exploring how Snow Flake Bentley used the scientific process to learn about snowflakes.  Theme day allows our teachers to get to know ALL of our 2nd graders which helps IPS feel more like a family.  It breaks up routines and gives students a change to look forward to.  Lessons are standards based and hands-on.   These events are highly engaging and just a whole lot of fun for our students.