May 10
Cambridge Intermediate School

CIS 3rd graders take a stroll back in time

The Historic West Riverside (Old Time School), located west of Cambridge is a big part of our area's history.  Third graders have to opportunity to learn more about the "olden days" during a half day field trip in May.  Students and staff dress like the characters from Little House on the Prairie, eat picnic lunches packed in a bucket, basket or cloth towel, play old time games, and much more!  Watch for more information and a permission slip to come home with your child.  This experience is always a highlight of the 3rd grade year!

Field Trip Schedule:

May 23 - Mrs. Jaeger (am) and Mrs. Koenig (pm)

May 24 - Mrs. Spizman (am) and Mrs. Hanson (pm)

May 25 - Mrs. Hajek (am) and Mrs. Lind (pm)

May 26 - Ms. Wichman (am) and Mrs. Hammero (pm)


Check out the Isanti County Historical Society's website for more information on History and Cultural programs.