101.2 - Naming of School District Sites and Facilities

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POLICY #101.2



It shall be the general policy of the school district to name sites, facilities, or properties in whole or part according to their geographic location (e.g., Cambridge Middle School, Isanti Elementary School).  If for some good reason a name other than a geographic name will be used to make the final determination.

A.  The proposed name shall be appropriate.

B.  The name will stand the test of time.

C.  If the name involves a person, the individual involved will have made a significant contribution to the site, facility or school district.

D.  Naming a site or facility after a deceased person shall be done after taking the above criteria into consideration and after a waiting period of one year following the individual's death.

In naming sites or facilities, special consideration will be given to those names that will have some special meaning to the students and citizens and will enhance the educational program of the school district.

Periodically, site or facility names shall be reviewed as to their continued appropriateness.  If a particular name is no longer appropriate, the School Board reserves the right to change it.

Source:                       Independent School District No. 911, Cambridge, MN

Reviewed:                   11-15-01, 4-19-12, 11-20-14

Approved:                   2-23-81, 12-20-01, 12-18-14