101.2-Pro - Procedure Process For Dedication of Space

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The purpose of this Administrative Procedure is to support Policy 101.2 Naming of School District Sites and Facilities.


Individual rooms, areas, athletic fields or facilities within or on district property may be named to honor a specific individual or organization, or may require a name change for other reasons.


  1. The requestor(s) must make a written request to the representative of the subject building or property (Principal, Superintendent, or other appropriate individual).
  2. The representative of the subject building or property receiving the request shall appoint an ad hoc advisory committee to consider the request. The ad hoc committee shall be made up of:a. Up to three (3) community members;

a.  Up to three (3) community members;

b.  One board member

c.  Up to two staff members

d.  One cabinet member (or the Buildings and Grounds Director)

e.  Principal or Superintendent designee, acting as committee chair.

3.  Before a request will be approved, it must be evaluated using the following criteria:

a.  The proposed name shall be appropriate.

b.  The name will stand the test of time.

c.  If the name involves a person, the individual involved will have made a significant contribution to the site.

d.  Living or deceased members of the community served by the educational facility may be eligible, if those individuals have distinguished themselves through ten (10) documented years of school-related service and have held membership in at least one school-related support organization (PTA, PTO, Booster Clubs, School Council, etc.) during the years of their children’s enrollment in District 911. 

e.  If the name involves a person, the individual involved may not be currently employed by the District.

f.  Former school district employees, living or deceased, may be considered if they have distinguished themselves through work at the educational facility for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years or ten (10) cumulative years in the school district.

4.  The representative reviewing the request shall present the proposal to the School Board with supporting rationale and evidence of support for the recommendation.

5.  The School Board shall review the proposal and take formal action on the request.


Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

Reviewed: 05.12.15