215 - Student Representative to School Board

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To enable members of the school board to gain firsthand reactions from students regarding the decisions that affect students in their educational development, a student representative from Cambridge-Isanti High School to the board is herein authorized. The following are established as policy guidelines.

Selection and Service of Student Representative

1. The role of the student selected is advisory to and not as a voting member of the Board.

2. The student representative(s) may be a student council member or selected from social studies classes as determined by the principal and student council advisor.

3. The student shall serve a one year term corresponding to the school year. In the event it is not possible to serve the entire year, assignments may be changed at the semester.

4. The student will sit with the Board at all regular meetings and study sessions, but will not be permitted to attend closed meetings.

5. The student may attend regional or state school board conferences when ISD #911 School Board members are present.

Rights and Responsibilities of Student Representative

1. The student representative will be bound by all rules and regulations which bind the Board within law.

2. The Board shall reserve the right to bar the participation of the student representative if actions of said representative are unacceptable to the Board.


1. The student representative will not be furnished with materials/information pertaining to:

a. Sensitive personnel matters

b. Legal action strategy

c. Negotiations strategy

d. Land acquisition

e. Individual student discipline/family matters

f. Other confidential material