301.2 Position Descriptions

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I.             PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Cambridge-Isanti Schools’ positions are described through current job descriptions. The job descriptions will include all positions except substitute and part-time or seasonal personnel. The position description system is designed to help ensure that Cambridge-Isanti Schools is efficient and effective in meeting the needs of its students.


A. The superintendent or his/her designee shall develop and implement a system of job descriptions for all regular employees of Cambridge-Isanti Schools.

B. Job descriptions will include a consistent format. Major areas in job descriptions will include:

1. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

2. Work Requirements and Characteristics

3 .Authority/Decisions/Accountability

4. Job outcomes

5. Working conditions

6. Qualifications

C. Job descriptions will be developed for new job classifications, and updated on a regular basis

D. Job descriptions will be approved by the supervising administrator and the Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources.

E .Job descriptions will be utilized for purposes such as job postings, hiring decisions, pay equity, and staff pattern analysis.

F. Job descriptions will be retained on file by the Human Resources Department.

Source:                               Cambridge-Isanti Schools

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Reviewed:                          7-18-02, 01-19-17 

Approved:                          8-22-02, 02-23-17