429 - Professional Staff (Teachers), Personnel (Support Staff), Recruiting, Hiring, Assignment, Transfer and Evaluation

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure the employment of the most qualified professional personnel. Professional personnel are assigned according to student instructional needs in accordance with license requirements from the State of Minnesota. Teacher placement and transfer is based on student need and assurance of instructional program success. Evaluation of professional personnel is conducted to ensure staff understand what is expected of them and how they are performing.


A. Teacher recruitment and selection is the responsibility of the principal/administrator and the Superintendent or his/her designee. An interview team will include at least one principal/administrator and at least one other district employee to select the most qualified applicant. The final decision is the responsibility of the principal/administrator as outlined in the district personnel employment procedure.

All professional personnel selected for employment must be recommended by the Superintendent to the School Board for hire approval.

B. Assignment will be given based on the teacher licensure, teacher experience, student instructional needs and other needs of the school district. When it is not possible to meet all conditions, professional personnel shall be assigned in accordance with the needs of the school district. The assignment of professional personnel will be made by the building principal/administrator under the direction of the Superintendent and approved by the school board. Professional personnel may be assigned to a new school in advance of its opening in order that proper preparations can be made. The assignment of support, training, and supervision of special education instructional assistants will be consistent with the concepts of the least restrictive environment and student independence.

C. An excellent instructional program will be maintained in response to a professional request for transfer or a district decision to transfer professional staff. Transfer of professional staff may occur but is not limited to the following situations:

  1. building enrollment changes
  2. performance concerns
  3. traditional and/or year round calendar
  4. a new opportunity

The transfer of professional personnel will be made by the building principal/administrator under the direction of the Superintendent and approved by the school board.

D. Teacher evaluation is the responsibility of the principal/administrator and the Superintendent. The evaluation process is carried out on a regular continuing basis and includes opportunities for both formal and informal evaluation. The criteria used in evaluation are based on the stated instructional goals and objectives of the school district. These goals and objectives are implemented and evaluated according to the district procedure for professional evaluation. The procedure for evaluation is described in district personnel employment procedure.

E. The selection of professional personnel shall be the responsibility of the appropriate principal/administrator/director/coordinator with final approval by the Superintendent and the school board. Adherence to the district personnel employment procedures is generally followed.

Criteria that affect hiring of professional staff include, but are not limited to, licensing or certification, essential requirements for position, previous experience, attitude, availability and motivation to meet the requirements of the position at hand.

Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

Reviewed: 11-21-02, 02-19-16

Approved: 12-19-02, 04-24-03, 03-24-16